Modular design is well-suited for small, low production automated machines. The ATTA modular system isn't designed for just the small systems, though. With modern controls and industrial communication, these systems are scalable and can easily integrate into larger systems.

Clear definition of each module and how it fits into the system ensures the best performance for any of our modular system configurations. That’s why ATTA determines specific tasks and assigns them to each module, while standardizing all of our components to ensure a smooth and efficient system for years to come. This makes the ATTA Modular Control System design adaptable to nearly any automated system you can imagine, from automatic hydrostatic test systems to automatic valve control.

By choosing the ATTA Modular Control System, you get a powerful and compact automation system that reduces installation time, lowers design costs, and lowers maintenance costs.

Servos are complicated to tune and setup, but there is no match for its speed, precision, and torque as an actuator. ATTA knows it’s best to integrate a servo with a proper industrial control system, which is why we pair it with our Main Control Enclosure (MCE). ATTA can communicate with nearly any industrial protocol, including the tried-and-true 4-20 mA for either manual or automatic control. We make servo control simple.

The ATTA Main Control Enclosure (MCE) is based on a modern, real-time industrial controller. This powers automatic machine control and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), benefiting both company safety and productivity. ATTA believes in the “Green Button Test,” which means equipment requires minimal input from the operator. Such automation protects the machine from a distracted operator, and it subsequently frees the operator to prepare for his or her next task.

Using the ATTA modular design allows us an incredible amount of flexibility to adapt to your existing system, which can include standard 4-20 mA positioners, horizontal pump testing, vertical pump testing, or any other unique needs your test system may have. We also have services to integrate the ATTA hardware into any existing software you may have for pump testing.

  • Meets or exceeds ISO-1551-1 and API-11S2 test requirements
  • 10-minute automatic test time, with test vibration capture available
  • Compact footprint, with minimal floor space required
  • Flexible configuration, which can be adapted to surface/downhole test facilities and preferred instrumentation
  • Simplified installation with minimal experience needed
  • Compliant with ATTA data management and software design solutions
  • IIoT ready

  • Active Development.
  • Up to 15,000 PSI test capabilities
  • Automatic hydrostatic testing, from pressure stabilization to controlled pressure relief
  • Replaces or works with existing pressure chart recorders
  • Compliant with ATTA data management and software solutions
  • IIoT ready

  • Future development
  • Automate electrical submersible pump cable testing
  • Up to 60KV test voltages
  • High accuracy voltage and current leakage readings
  • Automatically grounds phase after test
  • Meets or exceeds IEEE-1017-2013 and API-11S6 test requirements
  • Mobile or stationary options
  • Can integrate with spoolers and cable length measurement devices
  • Compliant with ATTA data management and software design solutions
  • IIOT ready
  • Future development
  • Automatic electric submersible pump motor testing
  • High-accuracy voltage, current, and kilowatt readings
  • Variable Frequency Drive capable instrumentation
  • Can be integrated with ancillary equipment such as hipot testers and surge testers
  • Capable of PI (Polarization Index) test
  • Compliant with ATTA data management and software design solutions
  • IIoT ready
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