Our Story

ATTA's 2017 inception was the result of 25 years of in-depth industry experience with electrical submersible pump testing solutions that your organization can now leverage to operate more efficiently, reliably, and cost effectively than competing solutions provide today. This superior level of service is possible thanks to partnerships with the best test system component manufacturers in the industry. ATTA is eager to work with you and our industry trusted business partners to develop testing standards that maximize production uptime. We understand the value of automation within the oil industry, and we look forward to surpassing production expectations with our turn-key solution for automated quality control test systems.

Our Founders

Josephine (Josie) Peacock

Josie Peacock is currently the Managing Director of ATTA with over 25 years of experience in industrial automation and service. Prior to starting ATTA in 2017 she was a subject matter expert at Schlumberger Artificial Lift for the automated quality control test systems used for electrical submersible pumps. This experience included installation, calibration, and design of test systems used worldwide. Josie has been responsible for system design, programming and integration of various industrial components including, but not limited to: PLC/PAC, Servo systems, Stepper Systems, Data Acquisition, HMI, and ethernet connectivity. She’s also been called upon to develop training criteria and documentation for calibration of these test systems, including teaching several classes that helped her previous employer decentralize quality control of these test systems and improve scalability.

Brady Deetz

Brady Deetz is a senior engineer for ATTA specializing in automation and cloud technology. At ATTA he is responsible for architecting and deploying secure ATTA services.
Prior to his work with ATTA he was the head of IT for the Laureate Institute for Brain Research, a clinical neuroscience research institute in Tulsa OK. At LIBR, he was responsible for research computing and data storage in support of multidisciplinary research programs in neuroimaging, behavioral health, and biochemical measures. Key cyberinfrastructure resources include petascale tape storage; a petascale disk (Ceph) resource, and local compute servers. Brady worked as a system administrator for the Oklahoma Innovation Institute's Tandy Supercomputing Center, where he was the principal hands-on technical resource for the deployment of a 100-node compute cluster and supported research from several institutions of higher education in Northeast Oklahoma. His background also includes information security expertise, having filled roles as a penetration tester and co-founding technical lead for a payment card security startup.

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