Here at Accurate Technology and Test Automation we are passionate about making your test facilities better through technology. This includes lean design philosophies to reduce the bottleneck in production that quality control test equipment can introduce.

We don’t want your test data to be held hostage in a computer or proprietary software. IT professionals don’t have time to learn cryptic industrial protocols so the quality control test equipment can be integrated into business systems. Data is meant to move easily and securely within your network. ATTA accomplishes this through our innovative software included in each system that uses modern, secure, IT friendly interfaces for your data.

Our focus is to create high accuracy quality control test equipment that requires minimal user interface. This means your operators can spend more time on keeping production moving and less time operating a partially automated or manual system. How do we do this? We do this by focusing on providing the best hardware and software to integrate with your existing system. Or we can manufacture a system for you from the ground up.

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